They never said you can’t hurry to Walk Don’t Run

“The cafe is the perfect sanctuary to slow down, take some quiet time to nourish yourself and walk out the door feeling better than you did when you arrived. Break free from the 9 to 5 grind with a relaxing jaunt at Walk Don’t Run. The diverse menu will help you feel satisfied and energised, making it the perfect regular lunch spot.”

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Nestled in a quaint little street in Armadale…

“. . . a stone’s throw from the train station and just behind Kings Arcade, Walk Don’t Run is celebrating the beauty and benefits of wholesome food and mindful eating.

This intimate little cafe offers nothing but delicious whole foods, using fresh, local organic produce to create an exquisite seasonal menu.”


Armadale’s 'Mindful Gourmet' Cafe

“The focus is on ensuring customers feel nourished and energised when they leave, like they have been good to themselves. We want a health conscious person to pick anything from the menu and not have to worry about what is in the dish — as it is all super good for you because if the fresh produce isn’t organic, it doesn’t make it onto the plate."

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Your New SUPER FOOD Cafe!

“The meals are light and fresh with super foods incorporated into every dish. All the produce is organic and the juices are slow-pressed, containing both fresh vegetables and fruits. Example dishes include house made life loaf with blueberry/raspberry raw chia jams and whipped ricotta; superfood breakfast with kale, broccoli, spiced pumpkin, green chilli and pepitas with light cottage cheese and free-range eggs and green tea soba noodles with poached chicken and tahini dressing.”

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Walk Don't Run

"... a clean and light menu made up of what is known to some as “superfoods”. So you’ll see plenty of chia, millet, kale, goji and the like. There’s a “life loaf” packed with seeds, nuts, coconut flour, almond flour – which took five months to develop. It comes with whipped ricotta and a raw chia fruit jam to sweeten the deal. Some of your food will be activated. Go with it.."



Walk Don’t Run

“The savoury rice porridge with poached chicken, corn, ginger, chilli, soy sauce and coriander, cooked in kombu stock and served with shallots and a poached egg ($17, vegetarian also available) is a winter revelation and a favourite among regular breakfasters."



Good Food Guide 2016

“Walk Don't Run is pioneering mindful eating and other sensible advice from its spot at the centre of Armadale. The kitchen is all about utilising organic produce and throwing as many superfoods into your meal as possible, while ensuring great taste remains the driving force. Dive into anything from Moroccan-style grilled tuna steak to a miso and chipotle quinoa bowl. Cold pressed juices and interesting teas round out the meal.”

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Walk Don't Run Cafe // w. Trent Pace

“I would recommend checking out Walk Don't Run if you're looking for a place to pop in for a quick coffee or for something different to mix up the usual breakfast and lunch routine. Being a vegetarian I found it super easy to order. I found their menu accommodating for mine and most other dietary requirements.“


Mindful Cafe's - Melbourne

There is nothing I love more than to go for a nice big walk or attend a yoga class on Saturday or Sunday morning and then head out for brunch afterwards. 

A few of my favourite healthy relaxing cafe's that need to be on your list of places to visit are:

  1. Walk Don't Run, Armadale

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