Breakfast & Lunch

Served daily from 8 – 3pm.

*Sundays 9am - 3pm

House-made life loaf (gf) (Sourdough & Rye optional)

w/ blackberry or strawberry sugar-free raw chia jams + whipped ricotta.


w/ poached eggs.



Breakfast Parfait (gf)

honey yuzu & chai yogurt, house-made granola + cherry compote & banana



Turmeric and Ginger Porridge   (v/veg)

steel cut oats cooked with almond and coconut milk topped w/ mixed berries, fresh apples and flax seeds, w/ a drizzling of organic maple syrup.



NEW Superfood Breakfast (vg, v/gf optional)

w/ kale, broccolini, barley, red/golden beetroot, toasted walnuts, crumbled goats cheese on house made life loaf with beetroot hummus + 2 poached eggs.



Slow Braised Beef Brisket Benedict (gf, v/gf optional)

served on life loaf (Sourdough or Rye) w/ spinach, poached eggs + kimichi + tofu hollandese sauce.



Savoury Rice Porridge (gf/vg, v optional)

w/ broccoli, tofu, ginger, chilli, soy sauce, coriander, cooked in kombu stock, served w/ crispy shallots and a poached egg.


Add organic poached chicken +3.


House-Cured Salmon

w/ avocado, coriander & jalapeno pesto, poached eggs + toasted nuts & seeds vinaigrette served w/ rye bread



Reuben Sandwich (gf optional)

w/ slow-braised beef brisket, gruyere cheese, sauerkraut + Russian dressing served w/ pickled cucumber on rye



Korean bibimbap (gf/vg, v optional)

w/ brown rice, kinpira vegetables, kimchi, gochujang + a poached egg.


Add organic poached chicken +3.


Poke Bowl (gf,vg, v optional)

w/ warm green tea poached salmon, brown rice, kale, crispy shallots, spring onion, red radish, pickled cucumber  + vegan mayo



Maze Soba (soup less ramen noodle) (gf/v optional)

w/ spicy chicken, spring onion, coriander, kale, seaweed & a poached egg.





Organic poached egg, raw spinach, ricotta, cashew cream, pesto + 3.

Avocado, feta, roast pumpkin, poached chicken + 5.

Hot smoked salmon, House-cured salmon +6.5


Drinks Menu.

Fresh Pressed Organic Juices 9.5

Winter Queen    

Cold pressed orange, red beetroot, ginger, apple, lime.

Green King

Kale, spinach, apple, ginger, lime.


Coffee / hot drinks

White/ 4.00

Black/ 4.00

French Press / 5.00

Cold Brew (during summer)/ 5.00

Hot Chocolate/ 5.00

Matcha/ 5.00

Gold Drip Latte/ 5.00

Prana Chai/ 6.00

Babycino/ 2.00

Large/ + 1.00
Bonsoy/ +0.50
Almond Milk Co. Almond Milk/ +0.50

Certified Organic Tea/5.00

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Lemongrass + Ginger
China Sencha